Monday, July 28, 2014

CEO SEGMENT: The 2014 Hair Fairy

                Dearest fairies, good to be here to break the ice (giveaway winners and complains of our readers). This issues would be trashed in the next post, stay tuned.

                 Our celebrated CEO of the month is Uniqueberry, she is a professional hair stylist, human hair stockist and a beauty therapist. 

                  She has styled alot of brides, little bridesmaids, bridesmaids and various other clients. To the adorned fashion house crew, we commend her for coming this far with her fabulous stylings. RIDE ON ....HAIR FAIRY

The bride Mrs kachi and her mum Mrs Doyle Ireti at the event Wedding planners 50th edition (the mother and daughter story)

Her look for her registry

mum and daughter (like sisters)

Guess who does wigs and sells human hairs also......UNIQUEBERRY!!!!!!!

See more beautiful stylings of creative CEO after the cut-;

Are you a bride-to-be, do you love what you see, would you love to experience the transformational touch of Uniqueberry hairs?


Phone number: 08081985764

Pin: 28E21457

Instagram handle: @uniqueberryhairs


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Anita said...

Woow! Shes really talented n creative. Soooo beautiful.