Friday, March 14, 2014

Fashion: How to wear strips

Yeah, i love strips. 

We Bring style tips from all over the web just for you.


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Style Quickie: Bead Tutorials

tutorials on beads once again. we just bring easy styles and creativity to you. just because its fun to be beautiful and brilliant at the same time.

Its always good to learn new skills 
lets know if you are finding any difficulty trying it out
we love feedbacks.


Style Quickie: Bead Making Tutorials

Hey, bead and wire works lovers, here is a style quickie for you guys. simple cheap and quick.
you just can add this up to your collection.

Be Creative Fairiess!!!


Tuesday, March 04, 2014


Bisola's foray into the fashion world was not a mere coincidence for the gorgeous model turned hair specialist. Her passion for lovely hair led her into establishing a top of the range hair line called 'Bisola Hair', and the business is booming. The former model speaks on her life, career and what makes her hairline distinct.

 Bisola launched a new signature celebrity hair shop buy online Two Tone. Ombre, Silk Top Glue Less Full Lace Wigs & Hair Weaves' for her special Diva Barbies' customers in Lagos and Abuja.

 The new glueless celebrity silk top full lace wigs and extensions are very modern and trendy, with fantastic quality, bounce, movement and volume. The inclusion of these new inventions to her business and for her special customers is the main reason why the model-turned entrepreneur returned to the country to concentrate on her business.

 ''My Glue Less Full lace Front wig, with big hair density restores a woman's confidence and gives a boost to her self-esteem. It creates a lot of sexy classy attitude".

 Her love for Nigeria is also one primary reason Bisola returned to the country.
She has loyal and charming customers and believes Nigerian babes know how to "ROCK" her hair very well.

 Bisola Hair customers testimonies of her hair transformations and pictures on Bisola website are her proudest moments. ''With Bisola's Hair, my customers end up looking very important and glamorous''. These customers re invigorate her interest in the business and inspire her to produce more beautiful invisible partings hair extensions inspired by Kim Kardashian, Ciara, Beyonce, and Tyra Banks.

 As someone who is very passionate about hair, Bisola wears her different Mongolian, Peruvian, Malaysian, Cambodian, Brazilian, Indian custom weft extensions a lot and this elicited inquiries from a lot of ladies who admired her hair. ''They would stop me on the street, weddings, functions, bars and at events, asking where I bought my hair etc.

 I would just tell them, 'no one did my hair,
I did it myself'''. This interest in her hair inspired her to set up an online lace wig & weave Hair Company. Bisola didn't want to be just a regular hair seller; she took a medical hair course in New York, where she studied Hair Loss, Cancer, Chemotherapy, and Alopecia. Now she is a professional hair specialist consultant.

 Bisola has been in the hair business for over eight years and has hair of different grades and quality, ''My Mongolian, Malaysian, Cambodian, Peruvian, Filipino, Brazilian and indian Virgin hair are of the highest quality, fresh, healthy, with great movement and superb volume. Every lady should wear it, especially if you want to be the centre of attention''.


 Bisola states emphatically that though hair sellers abound in Nigeria, most of them sell fake and low quality hair which tangles, sheds and knots. Bisola's Real Hair stands out from the rest because they are luxurious, authentic, 100% real human hair, premium virgin hair from human donors. All the hairs are un-processed; they don't have NO chemicals, NO synthetic fibres, NO animal hairs or colourings. They are just pure everlasting re-useable virgin hair.
The benefits of wearing Bisola's Glue Less Full Lace wigs are endless. The hair is fashionable and celebrity inspired, and brings out the charm and beauty of a lady.

 Bisola's Real Glue Less hair is very affordable and of excellent quality. The hair is classy and makes a bold statement for the wearer.

''Life's great. I still feel like a model as I'm in the limelight and I get hundreds of e-mails from my lovely clients, telling me I am an inspiration to them, how they love my hair products etc.''. The ex-model reinstated her love for the hair business and how she has met some brilliant people who spend good money on outstanding hair. Bisola gave up modeling few years ago and is focused solely on her hair business.
BB-PIN 2779F196
London Office Whatsapp +447943025864
New York Office +13473542005

Hair Dazzle: Natural Brides

Everyone seems to be going natural why? Question for the gods ba?

 *whispers* abi the cost of making hair is digging holes lol just kidding *dodging all the stones*

Well the freedom to have breeze enter into the hair is one reason for me when I eventually make up my mind on the kinda natural I would step into.

I decided to share few pictures of brides who rocked their natural hairs on their big day *lovestruck*
see pictures below.










Hope you loved the styles? Rock on your naturals fairies............................mwuah