Friday, November 22, 2013

Men's Corner: Invest in some Cashmere

Every guy should own a cashmere or sweater that looks this hot. lool, On a more serious note, i like guys that can dress up in a suit and also look as hot when they are dressed down. Ladies, invest in your man, buy him one. Here are some pieces to look out for when selecting one in a store.

 Invest in you Man!!!


Monday, November 18, 2013

Designers to watch out from the Lagos fashion week

wow, lagos is at it again and these are favorite designers to watch out for.
Omoyemi Akerele, founder of LFDW and Style House Files, a creative agency focused on African fashion. Akerele has been at the helm of bringing Lagos to the global stage. Says Akerele, “The LFDW platform provides opportunities for both young and established designers.”
One of LFDW’s most exciting young designers, Maki Osakwe, revealed her Maki Oh spring/summer 2014 collection in her hometown, after a critically acclaimed showing at New York Fashion Week. She uses traditional adire printing—an indigo tie-dye technique from southwestern Nigeria—on sassy fringe aprons and sleek secretary pencil skirts. It’s a statement on the ever-shifting roles of African women in a rapidly modernizing society. All of Maki Oh’s prints are homegrown in Nigeria, a major trend among designers at LFDW
 Maki Oh is a commentary on women’s constantly shifting roles in society, drawing on themes of “emotion, intuition, sex, and fashion.” Notes from her spring/summer 2014 collection, called Iya-Ile, read like a poem.

 Lisa Folawiyo was at the forefront of bringing Ankara fabrics into the luxury market. Her signatures are wearable, feminine silhouettes, luxe fabrics, and eclectic prints.
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Men's Corner: How to dress for an Interviiew

If your boo hasn't been visiting this blog, then its high time you invite him over cos we are bringing new style tips from all over the net just for you. Welcome to our Men's corner.
The Suit
When it comes to interview attire, the suit is king. In the corporate/business world, wearing a suit is standard practice across the board, so wearing one to your interview is the obvious choice: it shows you understand your situation and that you respect your potential employer. Plus, a man will never look better than he does in a well-tailored suit, fact.
If ever in doubt, wear a suit.
Stick to classic navy, black or grey and you can’t go wrong. 

I’m sure some people will argue that this is far too safe, but I personally think the worst thing you can do at an interview is come across as arrogant. Wearing something that makes too much of a statement suggests that you completely misunderstand the aforementioned corporate situation.
For instance, a bold window pane check might look fantastic at your mate’s wedding, but in the interview room you’ll stick out like a sore thumb. It is for this reason that I would also suggest avoiding double-breasted cuts and three-pieces.
Here are some of my pieces:

Dazzle your man!!!


Makeup: Brown and Gold Smokey eyes

Make up ideas for your next big event.

 Try it out and lets know the outcome.


Friday, November 15, 2013

Harmattan Season: Class up your outfit with a Sweater.

The cold season is here again and i wouldn't want my fairies to catch a cold cos' they wanna look, so be smart and chic, add a sweater and still rock your outfit.

look good fairies and don't catch a cold.


Fashion: In love with Pencil Skirts

Whatever the length or occasion, pencil skirts are still fashionable and trendy. they bring elegance and attention to your legs, hips and butt.

Look pretty always fairies!


Hair Dazzle: The Perfect Bob hirstyle for every face

The bob is a cute, fun and trendy haircut for every face. if you are scared of trying a new hairstyle that wouldn't fit you, i can assure you that the bob fits everyone. its still in trend and of course its chic.

This is definitely my next hairstyle.


From Trash to Tush: DIY your heels

T2T Segment is here again. *whoop whoop, ladies grab your heels, we've got some work to do. All you need for this piece of wonder is your nail polish, cleaning liquids, a clothe or rag and if your not the patient type, a bigger painting brush.