Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Style Quickie: Jeans with Floral Print Pocket

Having Similar jeans with many people and you want to make your a little different with a lot of class, then just add a little floral print on the pockets. Remember, you can also change the material to ankara or lace, fashion is about creativity.

You’ll need:

-        1 pair of jeans
-        floral print fabric (buy it from a thrift shop)
-        scissors
-        needle and thread
-        measuring tape

 Cut out two squares of the floral print fabric (make it a little larger than the size of the pockets). Pin the fabric pieces on the pockets in order to ease the sewing job.

DIY Jeans With Floral Print Pockets
 DIY Jeans With Floral Print Pockets
 Look Pretty Always Fairiesssss!!!



Anonymous said...

Would definitely try this out!

Anonymous said...

Nice! Worth trying