Wednesday, July 30, 2014



We have crawled, climbed, walked and stood to this stage.... 

Blogging is about building connections, sharing ideas, and some cases a fall back for people to read and relax on topics and posts they enjoy.

We began to blog not to join the 'craze'  but primarily to assemble CEOs on one spot and ensure they showcase, advertize their goods and services to the general audience.
In that line, we added the beauty, fashion and makeup sections to give tips, tricks and styles for everybody. 

We love to share ideas, we love what we do. We appreciate our consistent and loyal readers (who never comment on here but send us mails or personal message to commend post/topics), fellow bloggers.... we appreciate you all right back for staying with us in this journey so far.

We are working on alot of things, interactive posts, features, topics that would spice up the blog henceforth but we would also love to hear our readers opinon.

Do you have ideas, suggestions or thoughts? 
Do you have fashion/beauty/makeup-related topics you want us to talk about?.
Do you wish to feature in the CEOs segment?
Would you love to host/sponsor a giveaway to get your products, goods and services to the general readers?

IF YES, kindly send a mail to (a response would get to you within 24hours)

Winners of the Blog-iversary Giveaway

Hawau Animashaun and
Emiaha Michelle Blesyn 

please call 08163683003 to get your goody bags 

we understand reasons why alot of you did not enter, we have noted all the complaints and new points...........keep visiting the blog because we have better giveaways (TIP: FASTEST FINGERS)

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