Monday, February 10, 2014


  Guess who we have on our CEO segment.....

                .........................*whoop whoop* below is an interview with CEO Glam O'sphere

AFH: Please what is your name?

*smiling* she said, I am Miss Omobola Bolaji.

AFH: What's your business name?
OB: Its Glam O' Sphere

AFH: How long have you been in the industry?

OB: I've been in the industry for about five (5) years and counting.

AFH: What makes your works stand out?

OB: I pay attention to the tiniest detail and I could spend more time than usual to achieve my results...I'm a perfectionist...hahaha.

AFH: 5 must have's for great makeup, your makeup/fashion icon 

OB:  A great skin
         A good quality foundation.
         A red lipstick
         A Mascara
         A blotting powder/paper...and a winning smile! *chuckles*

AFH: Where do you see makeup in Nigeria in the next 5/10yrs 

OB:  I see the Nigerian makeup industry being recognized globally and I see more professionalism in the industry.

AFH: Finally what is(are) your advice to upcoming MUAs 

OB: If you've got the passion for makeup artistry, pursue it with all you have to give.

AFH: Nice meeting you.
OB: Same here.

       Do you need to get in touch with Miss Omobola Bolaji, find below her contact details:

Phone numbers - 08029446936,07031852283

Twitter- @myglamosphere

                                    Razzle_Dazzle: DEUT 28: 1-14

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