Thursday, November 07, 2013

Fitness & Health: Tips to a trimmer Tummy

Whittle your Middle: Spare about 10mins of your time working yourself to a flatter tummy, these six moves can put you on way to a tinier tummy.
Mountain Climber: works your abs, back, legs and arms
start in a push up position. hands flat on the floor and below your shoulders, legs extended behind you and your body should be straight. 
Bend your right leg and bring it in towards your chest, then straighten it and return to the starting position, repeat with your left leg, alternate legs, slowly do as many as you can for 60seconds and make sure your keeping your hips and butt low.
Side Hip Drop: works waist, back, hips and shoulders.
lean on your left elbow with your right body, right arm raised, extend your right leg as you lift your body and bend your left leg behind you, keep it on the ground.

Kip fit ladies.
being slim doesnt mean your fit, exercise always.



JustPorsh said...

Nice post.
But these exercises aren't as easy as they look, trust me, I try.

Anonymous said...

I'm telling you, easier said than done, buh I wud still try it out (˘˘̯)

Anonymous said...

Please if you'v tried this lemme know ow fast it works! I av big tummy