Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Style Quickie: Nudes: Hot, Soft and Elegant

Every lady should have at least one nude colour of either an accessory, shoes or a clothing. Its just so soft and goes with every colour. In fashion  is widely know as a shade a little bit darkened version of champagne color, shiny than sand and perhaps with trace of blush or peach. I just love bringing fashion to you ladies out there, even if they aren't my pieces. 

Which is preferrable to have first, a nude shoe,bag, pants or shirt.
Looking forward to your comments.
Look pretty always Fairiess!!!!



Anonymous said...

I prefer a nude shoe! Goes with nything

Anonymous said...

Switheart, so does a nude bag, goes with evrything! Ill go with a bag tho!

Anonymous said...

KimK made me to love nude.especially her shoes and bags