Monday, October 21, 2013

Bisola's Real Hair On Big Demand In America, London, Nigeria


Beautiful celebrities like Beyonce, Rihanna, Tyra and Kim Kardashian don't worry about bad hair days...ever!

Thanks to weaves, silk top glueless full lace wigs, curling Irons and so on, and a budget for flying around an expert hair stylist or two, they know that they can have lavish yet flawless hair whatever they are doing, anywhere they are, and at anytime.

But for mere mortals wanting superstar looks too, breaking the bank is a real concern!

But it needn't be, if you know where to look.

Bisola's Real Hair is the only brand offering an incredible selection of real virgin hair weaves that have the look and feel of premium virgin Mongolian, Peruvian Malaysian, Cambodian human hair.

The brain behind Bisola's Real Hair, Bisola Iyasara is a young stylish trendy lady, a solid business woman who has carved a niche for herself in her chosen profession.

No wonder why the US & UK based hair specialist consultant is gradually gaining recognition amongst the governors wives, nollywood actresses, socialites, elite and the celebrity crowd of Nigeria and other parts of the world. Editor in Chief, Akinnagbe Akintomide recently caught up with her in Oriental luxurious hotel, Lekki Nigeria, and she shared her experience with us as a hair specialist consultant.

Excerpts from the interview below:

What is Bisola's Real Hair about?

Bisola's Real Real Hair is a celebrity inspired hair by the likes of Kim Kardashian, and Beyonce. Our hair is very, sexy, glamorous and fashionable.
All our silk top no glue full lace front wigs and handtied human virgin hair weft are very modern and easy to wear.
Bisola's Real Hair gives ladies that edge and makes them stand out from the crowd.

Our gorgeous hair helps ladies with low self esteem, bounce back their confidence and gives them that feel good factor into their lives.

How did you start off as the business woman you are today?

I love hair!
I mean I literally live hair (laughs)
Anyone who knows me, will tell you Bisola and her hair, it's too much.
In my apartment I have my own personal hair walk in wardrobe of different styles, lengths, hair colors of glueless front lace wigs and weaves.
I just love hair.

I started off the business some years back.
When I used to walk down the streets, or be at weddings, functions, events, ladies used to admire how good my hair looked.
I decided to take a course on hair specialist consultancy. I guess the rest is history.
Now I'm selling the highest grade real human celebrity hair to my lovely customers worldwide and different walks of life.

What were your initial challenges when you started off the business?

To be honest I never had NO challenges.
The only one thing I noticed was that a lot of people are selling hair, but that did not bother me one bit, as it's all about the best, top super quality fresh hair, and Bisola's Real Hair has that amazing full of life hair with volume, body, bounce, and luster.

Who are your major clients?

We have a lot of big name customers who purchase Bisola's Real Hair from nigerian governors wives/daughters, oli & gas ladies, to nollywood actresses.
We are a very Professional company, we DO NOT disclose customers who don't want others to know where they buy there stunning hair from.
But the celebrities who don't mind and have kind enough left us wonderful hair testimonies on our website
Are the former special advisor to the imo state governor nollywood actress Nkriu Sylvanus, nollywood actress Angela Okorie, Biola Ige and south african model big brother celebrity barz, the lists does go on.

What are your unique selling points?

Our unique selling points are our super soft, ever lasting- re-useable, no tangles, no shedding, no knotting wonderful virgin best hair. Ladies who want good hair that will make them look fantastic and steal the show where ever they go - Bisola's Real Hair can do just that...

How is the market like in terms of competition?

Oh we are doing just great, we thank God!
We love our customers they are so loyal, as they always come back and buy more glueless full lace wigs unit system or human hair extension.

How affordable are your services?

There pretty affordable. We are not cheap.
I must say.
Some people say we are expensive like aunty funmi hair, that's because aunty funmi hair and Bisola's Real Hair are selling 100% correct supreme virgin hair that will last over a year.

How do you find the celebrities who wear your hair?

Oh no we don't find them.
They hear about Bisola's Real Hair from customers who wear our hair really well, hair stylists, make up artists, online, or through google etc.
My good friend who's a lovely nollywood actress Biola Ige also wears my hair on her nollywood filming movie set. Her fans are so in love with her and our hair.

How do you relax when you aren't working?

When I relax I just chill out, catch up with family and friends.

What is a day in your life normally like?

Busy, busy, busy.
I have a wonderful PA, myself and Kemi we are always in and out of meetings, we need to be always creative, have new ideas with our hair custom designs, like two tones, ombre those are what a lot of our customers purchase from us. They always write to us thanking us for our up to date current silk top lace wigs and weft.

What is your next big project?

Oooooh that will be telling you way too much. Just wait and see.



Anonymous said...

I want her hair,but she is pretty EXPENSIVE!!!

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Mayb cos its original...just saying

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Wow, I luv bisola hair. I've seen 5 top nollywood actresses wear her hair. And it looks so stunning. I want to start wearing bisola real hair.

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Best hair Ive seen all da diva babes are wearing are hair me sef i want 2 look like a diva doll O I need to buy my own bisola hair shar

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lovely hair

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Lovely weaves.
She's doing a great job.

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Don't waste your money, too expensive do your research dolls

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