Friday, August 23, 2013

Style Quickie: Handmade Bracelet

I'm ready to start the day with a quick tutorial of how to make bracelets using fabric and among all things shower curtain rings from one of my favorite bloggers, The36thavenue (DIY). You are going to have so much fun making these bracelets and it will take you just 5 minutes.

Cut strips of fabric about 1/2″ wide.
Hot glue one end of the fabric to the inside of the shower curtain ring.
Start wrapping the fabric tightly around the ring adding small amounts of glue as you go.
This will help the fabric stay in place.
When you get to the end cut the remain fabric and glue it to the inside of the ring.
You will end with these cute fabric bracelets !

If you want them to fit a larger size cut off the clip at the end of the ring.

Wrap the fabric all the way to the ends following the same steps above.

Here is a picture…
They are not just affordable but I think they are adorable.

They would make great gifts and party favors… my girls love them!

 We hope you like them too, Lets know what you think of them, drop a comment.


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