Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Skincare 103: Facial Skincare Tips

      Started off in our previous post on step 1 and 2 on facial skincare tips, feel free to check it out if you missed out on it.
Step 3: Exfoliate(tone)
Exfoliation is the step most people skip in their weekly skincare routine. But trust me, if you start properly exfoliating your skin, you will notice an almost immediate difference. There are several exfoliating options that I use weekly.

Here are my favorites: A facial scrub- You can buy a great scrub I prefer salt scrubs to sugar ones, but it's just a matter of preference. A washcloth- Put a dab of cleanser and a sprinkle of white refined sugar on a damp washcloth and massage skin in a circular motion. After a quick rinse, any sign of dead skin is erased. If you have dry skin, try extra virgin coconut oil.

Should you use a toner? Toners are meant to remove all remaining traces of oil, makeup and dirt, but a good cleanser should do this. I firmly believe it's up to you. If you like the way your skin feels with a toner. Buy it. Use it. Enjoy it. 

Step 4: Apply Sunscreen
The #1 cause of wrinkles is sun damage, so it's important to use a sunscreen of at least 30 SPF from your early years .

A great trick is to purchase two facial creams: One for night and one for day that includes UV protection.
Don't use moisturizers with sunscreen at night, the ingredients are not meant to be used 24/7 and can aggravate skin

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